Therapeutic Interventions – Mind Body Connections

Trauma affects the whole person; mind, body and spirit therefore recovery also has to take into consideration the person as a whole. Through the nurturing of healthy relationships, attending to basic physical needs (i.e. – sleep and nutrition), having adequate housing and food security people have a greater opportunity to engage in trauma recovery. The mind, body and spirit will respond to these positive factors maximizing the potential for healing.

Please see the Trauma Recovery section of this website for an overview of what trauma is, how it affects people, and ways of managing the symptoms of trauma. People can explore how trauma affects the mind, body, spirit and relationships. For example, there is information on how trauma affects the nervous system to create fight, flight, freeze responses so people can then use that information to learn how to calm themselves, to think more clearly and make better choices when flooded with emotions. This section can also help those looking for ways to understand and help a loved one.

This website is not therapy or intended to be a replacement for therapy or professional counselling services.  There is no substitute for the benefits of a warm, face to face human connection, with someone who is caring, compassionate, has an understanding of trauma and who has access to specialized knowledge that can help your recovery. It is always our recommendation that whenever possible, people who are affected by trauma seek help and support and not go through this alone. One of the common elements is the shame and secrecy that can often shroud trauma which can make it difficult to ask for help. The information in this website might help you prepare for therapy or even compliment the healing in which you are already participating.

With the support and connection to caring individuals, people can and do recover from trauma in their lives. For more information on post-traumatic growth, visit the trauma recovery section of this website here.