Who We Are

The Manitoba Trauma Information and Education Centre (MTIEC) was established in 2011 by the Province of Manitoba.  The MTIEC is a program of Klinic Community Health Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  The creation of the MTIEC was a community initiative lead by the Manitoba Trauma Collaborative and was a direct result of a provincial forum on trauma that took place in 2007. The goal of the provincial forum was to develop a strategy for enhancing the capacity of organizations and systems to better meet the needs of people who had been affected by trauma.

Our Mission

To establish trauma informed care and practices as an integral component of health care and all human services in Manitoba.


Our Goals

To promote and support trauma recovery by empowering service providers and people affected by psychological trauma across the life span through the exchange, transfer, and translation of knowledge and through education and public awareness.


Trauma informed care and practices are promoted as a vital component across every health care and social service system.


Health care and social service providers have a basic understanding of the affect that trauma can have on people, methods for creating safety, trust, and strategies for promoting stabilization and recovery.


The ongoing awareness of trauma and its manifestation are integrated throughout all service systems. Trauma informed care and practices become an integrated part of programming planning and assessment across service domains.


Access to resources that promote and support trauma recovery throughout Manitoba are enhanced.


Connections will be established and collaborative relationships developed with other organizations and networks to promote trauma informed services and knowledge exchange both regionally and nationally.

Standards, Evaluation and Quality Improvement

Promote and identify standards and guidelines for the delivery of trauma informed care and undertake continuous evaluation to enhance the quality of service’s being provided.

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