The purpose of the MTC is to:

  • Foster the exchange of knowledge on issues related to trauma recovery and trauma informed care and practices
  • Promote and support  a community of practice within Manitoba for service providers with an interest in trauma recovery and trauma informed care and practices
  • Promote trauma informed care and practices
  • Promote professional and program development within  collaborative
  • Mobilize efforts to enhance access to trauma recovery services in Manitoba
  • Advocate and lobby political officials to further enhance public policy and resources for trauma informed and trauma specific services across Manitoba
  • Support efforts that promote mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and relational health, wellness and  resiliency.
  • Strengthen the knowledge and understanding of trauma and trauma informed practices among policy makers, senior managers, supervisors, and staff within health and human services
  • Encourage and strengthen collaboration among human services
  • Influence and promoting future research in trauma
  • Support the efforts of the Manitoba Trauma Information and Education Centre (MTIEC), a program of Klinic Community Health Centre, to facilitate knowledge exchange, transfer and translation.
  • Advocate for and pursue funding opportunities in support of the Collaboratives vision and mission.
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