Guiding Principles

Our members and efforts are guided by the following principles and beliefs;

  • Trauma is pervasive in our society and it places a heavy burden on individuals, families, communities and all health care and social service organization and system.
  • Trauma is a root cause of many of the most pressing social problems that impacts the well being of our communities.
  • Every person has a fundamental right to receive services that are trauma informed
  • Trauma is viewed as an injury and not as a “sickness”.
  • Symptoms are recognized as the creative and necessary adaptations to the effects of trauma.
  • Trauma can be a defining and organizing experience that can form the core of a person’s identity.
  • The universal precaution and assumption that every person seeking services has been affected by trauma.
  • Safety and trust are core principles on which every service and organization must be based.
  • Compassion and authentic, genuine and caring relationships are fundamental to supporting recovery from trauma.
  • Understanding the whole person and the context in which they live is essential to supporting recovery.
  • Emphasis should be placed on the interconnectedness of the body, mind and spirit.
  • A strength based approach that seeks to return, a sense of control and autonomy to the person affected by trauma is fundamental to supporting recovery.
  • Collaboration in the service relationship and between service providers facilitates recovery.
  • People affected by trauma are the experts on their own experience.
  • Mental health promotion is a critical component to a comprehensive strategy to trauma recovery and prevention.
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