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Interpersonal Trauma

Childhood abuse: sexual, physical, neglect, psychological, witnessing domestic violence Sexual assault: any unwanted sexual contact Historical trauma: colonization and the residential school experience of forcible removal from the family home, destruction of culture and language Domestic abuse: physical, sexual, financial, …

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External Trauma

War: combat, killing, fear of being killed, witnessing death and extreme suffering, dismemberment Being a victim of crime Sudden death of a loved one Suicidal loss Loss of a loved one to homicide Sudden and unexpected loss: of a job, …

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Developmental Trauma

Child Abuse and Neglect Witnessing violence in the home

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Historical Trauma

Disconnecting certain cultures from their families, relationships and cultural practices Residential school Holocaust Ethnic Cleansing 60′s scoop For more information, please see the section on First Nations.

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