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Restless legs, feet /numbness in legs Anxiety/shallow breathing Big/darting eyes Leg/foot movement Reported or observed fidgety-ness, restlessness, feeling trapped, tense Sense of running in life- one activity-next Excessive exercise

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Feeling stuck in some part of body Feeling cold/frozen, numb, pale skin Sense of stiffness, heaviness Holding breath/restricted breathing Sense of dread, heart pounding Decreased heart rate (can sometimes increase) Orientation to threat

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Crying Hands in fists, desire to punch, rip Flexed/tight jaw, grinding teeth, snarl Fight in eyes, glaring, fight in voice Desire to stomp, kick, smash with legs, feet Feelings of anger/rage Homicidal/suicidal feelings Knotted stomach/nausea, burning stomach Metaphors like bombs, …

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