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Restless legs, feet /numbness in legs Anxiety/shallow breathing Big/darting eyes Leg/foot movement Reported or observed fidgety-ness, restlessness, feeling trapped, tense Sense of running in life- one activity-next Excessive exercise

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Feeling stuck in some part of body Feeling cold/frozen, numb, pale skin Sense of stiffness, heaviness Holding breath/restricted breathing Sense of dread, heart pounding Decreased heart rate (can sometimes increase) Orientation to threat

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Crying Hands in fists, desire to punch, rip Flexed/tight jaw, grinding teeth, snarl Fight in eyes, glaring, fight in voice Desire to stomp, kick, smash with legs, feet Feelings of anger/rage Homicidal/suicidal feelings Knotted stomach/nausea, burning stomach Metaphors like bombs, …

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Individuals of all ages, socio-economic status, cultures, religions and sexual orientations (including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and two spirit*) can be profoundly affected. [The term “two-spirit” is an Aboriginal term referring to those who have both male and female spirits.]

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Families can be traumatized by an event happening to one or more of its members. Even people who did not directly experience the trauma can be impacted by it, especially if they have a close relationship to the trauma survivor.

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Communities can be traumatized when events affect any of its members.

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Cultures can be traumatized when repeated denigration, attempts at assimilation, and genocide occur. Following 9/11 the North American culture became organized around fear and terror as a direct result of the trauma experienced from this event. In addition other countries that …

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Service Providers

Service providers can be traumatized after hearing the stories and witnessing the suffering of trauma survivors. This is called “vicarious trauma” or “trauma exposure response” and happens when the provider is regularly confronted with traumatic content.

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Institutions and Organizations can be negatively impacted when going through times of significant change or outside scrutiny (i.e. – downsizing, restructuring, inquiries) Individual staff members may become inadvertently traumatized as a result of this process and/or have their own trauma histories …

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difficulty feeling love, trust in relationships decreased interest in sexual activity emotional distancing from others relationships may be characterized by anger and mistrust unable to maintain relationships parenting difficulties

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