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Shock and Numbness

Suicide bereavement is one of the most intensely painful experiences you are likely to undergo. The pain may be so overwhelming initially, that your natural defense mechanism shuts down. At some point the numbness leaves and you will need to …

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Deep Sadness

Deep sadness is normal. Other common feelings experienced may include: helplessness, hopelessness, fear, failure, anxiety, depression, rejection and abandonment.

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Anger and Blame

Anger and blame may be directed towards those you perceive to have been at fault. These may include doctors, counselors, friends, family, yourself or even the person that died.

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Survivors of suicide often feel they missed or ignored earlier warning signs of distress. Hindsight plays a role in this. Others may have decided to give up trying to help as they needed distance to keep themselves healthy.

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It may be difficult to discuss the cause of death for fear of being judged. Rather than telling stories, it is okay to say you are not ready to talk about the loss. Some people continue to believe the myth …

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You may feel relief after a suicide, especially when the relationship with the deceased has been difficult and chaotic or if you have watched the person suffer for a long time.

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You may not fully accept the reality of the suicide. You may move in and out of denial. This is especially common in the initial phase of grief.

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Why Questions

Asking ”Why” questions over and over in an effort to understand the reason your loved one died by suicide is a normal part of the healing process. With suicide, even when people think they have touched upon the answer – …

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You may fear that other family members or friends will die. Loss of self-esteem and confidence in problem solving or decision-making is normal.

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The world as you knew it changed the moment your loved one died. Grief impacts everything including sleep patterns, eating habits, concentration, energy levels and motivation.

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