Adverse Childhood Events Study

The ACE study was conducted in 1998 to determine if there was a link between stressfulevents in childhood and health issues that may turn up later in adult life. 17,000 people participated in the study during which participates were asked a short series of questions concerning specific stressors that may have occurred before the age of eighteen. Ten categories were identified; emotional, physical and or sexual abuse, emotional or physical neglect and household dysfunction listed as witnessing violence against the mother, substance abuse, mental illness, parental separation or divorce or the incarceration of a household member. A score of “1” was given for each affirmative answer. Over a third of the patients reported no adverse events. But 25.5% of women and 17.8% of men reported experiencing three or more. At the end of the study over 17,000 surveys were analyzed. It was determined that there was a very strong correlation between the number of adverse childhood events and the physical and mental health challenges that the respondents faced as adults.

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