Trauma Informed Organizations and Systems

People affected by trauma are high users of health care and social services and are frequently overly represented within these systems. The extent of this problem and its affect on these systems is enormous and yet it has been largely hidden and overlooked. Although trauma may be central to many people’s difficulties in most health and social service settings their trauma is seldom identified or acknowledged and services are provided without a knowledge that a trauma has occurred. At a time when human services are being increasingly stressed and strained by growing demands and limited resources, trauma informed care has the potential to: enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of any service, improve communication between client and service provider, increase job satisfaction, increase staff wellness and above all improve positive outcomes for the people these systems serve. Any and every human service can and will benefit from being trauma informed. To do so it is essential that managers, decision and policy makers are themselves trauma informed.

This FREE two hour workshop has been designed specifically for senior managers and policy makers. Participants will acquire an understanding of what trauma informed care is, what the benefits are to an organization in adopting a trauma informed perspective, and how to translate trauma informed knowledge into policy and practice.

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