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Trauma Informed Care

This half-day interactive workshop leads participants in a conversation about what is trauma, what it means to be trauma-informed and how to integrate a trauma-informed perspective into our everyday interactions. For more information, please contact  

Becoming Trauma Informed

This two-day interactive and dynamic training is for service providers with training and experience in counselling, having a basic understanding of the counselling and recovery process. The training invites participants to explore new paradigms and challenge the traditional understanding of the recovery and healing process. This training shifts the focus away from a position of "What is wrong with you?" to one that seeks to understand "What has happened to you and how can I help?" This exploration of trauma-informed counselling differs from a more traditional hierarchical/expert approach to one of curiosity, partnership and empowerment. Building on material already covered in the "Trauma-Informed Tool Kit”, the training provides participants with a better understanding of the impact of trauma, with particular emphasis on the relationship between trauma, emotions, neurobiology and recovery within supportive relationships. Participants examine their own understanding of healing and the role they play in facilitating this process in the context of trauma. The training provides practical tools for assisting people to better understand and regulate intense emotions. Each participant will receive a DVD that provides examples of various grounding techniques as well as a resource guide on trauma. Participants learn how to talk about trauma with clients/patients and build a therapeutic relationship that empowers those affected by trauma and gives them control of their own healing. Over the course of the two days, service providers learn how they care for their own emotional self and protect themselves from the affects of vicarious trauma. At the end of the training participants will feel more confident and equipped to support people affected by trauma through the counselling and recovery process. There is a registration fee of $150 for this two-day training. Each training session will be limited to twenty participants.  For registration information, contact Leslie Debrecen @ 204-784-4206 or email Dates: 2015 -Sept 24 and 25, Nov 25 and 26, 2016 - Jan 20 and 21, April 20 and 21

Vicarious Trauma

This one-day interactive workshop will look at the definition of vicarious trauma, its impact on our minds and bodies, the neurobiology of trauma, the warning signs of vicarious trauma as well as strategies to address and protect against it. It will incorporate mindfulness practices to provide the participants with the experience of these practices and how they might be useful in working with and being affected by vicarious trauma.

There is a registration fee of $100 for this training. Each training session will be limited to twenty participants.

Session times: 9:00AM to 4:00PM

Schedule is subject to change.

Dates: Feb 24, May 11

Trauma Informed Relationships: Building Safety and Trust - On Line training

The course provides the learner with content to better understand the needs and vulnerabilities of people affected by psychological trauma. This knowledge will increase sensitivity and the ability to support recovery and enhance the capacity to deliver services based on compassion and a new paradigm that views trauma as an injury.

You will need to create an account for aYSC in order to access the training.  Go here to view the Login Card with instructions on how to gain an account:!-Trauma-Informed-Relationships-Building-Sa-(1).aspx

New Directions: Making Sense of Trauma (Children & Youth)

Making Sense of Trauma is a one day workshop, which has been developed specifically for Child & Family Services.  Participants will learn how to use a Trauma-Informed perspective to better understand the relational, neurobiological and developmental impact of trauma on children, youths and their families.  Participants will learn practical tools to respond more effectively to children and youth who have experienced trauma. 

More details on the Workshop can be found here.

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