Manitoba Trauma Collaborative


All Manitobans affected by psychological trauma will experience optimal levels of emotional, mental, spiritual, relational and physical health and wellbeing.


To advance a dynamic, and comprehensive trauma informed system of care, promote the principles of and an understanding of trauma informed practices and transform the way health and human services are delivered.

Who We Are

The Manitoba Trauma Collaborative (MTC) is a community of health care and human service providers, clinicians, administrators, policy makers, researchers, concerned citizens and those with lived experience that share a concern and vision for people across the life span affected by psychological trauma.  The MTC is committed to demonstrating and providing leadership in promoting trauma recovery, prevention, informed care and practices.  As a community, we seek to support one another in our individual and mutual efforts, to actively promote trauma informed care, practices and services within our own organizations, communities, and systems of care. We believe psychological trauma is a pivotal force that shapes the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and relational health of those seeking healing in health and human services. Individuals affected by trauma are at risk of being re-traumatized by the very organizations they seek help from, and we therefore believe that every person has a fundamental right to receive services that are trauma informed. We are a community of practice that seeks to explore new and innovative ideas that promote trauma informed practices; support and facilitate the exchange of knowledge in the field of trauma; and recommend ways to enhance the health and human care systems for people affected by psychological trauma. Finally we are dedicated to promoting the health and wellness of service providers, through work life balance and strategies that prevent or reduce the risk and effects of vicarious trauma.


The purpose of the MTC is to:
  • Foster the exchange of knowledge on issues related to trauma recovery and trauma informed care and practices
  • Promote and support  a community of practice within Manitoba for service providers with an interest in trauma recovery and trauma informed care and practices
  • Promote trauma informed care and practices
  • Promote professional and program development within  collaborative
  • Mobilize efforts to enhance access to trauma recovery services in Manitoba
  • Advocate and lobby political officials to further enhance public policy and resources for trauma informed and trauma specific services across Manitoba
  • Support efforts that promote mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and relational health, wellness and  resiliency.
  • Strengthen the knowledge and understanding of trauma and trauma informed practices among policy makers, senior managers, supervisors, and staff within health and human services
  • Encourage and strengthen collaboration among human services
  • Influence and promoting future research in trauma
  • Support the efforts of the Manitoba Trauma Information and Education Centre (MTIEC), a program of Klinic Community Health Centre, to facilitate knowledge exchange, transfer and translation.
  • Advocate for and pursue funding opportunities in support of the Collaboratives vision and mission.

Guiding Principles

Our members and efforts are guided by the following principles and beliefs;
  • Trauma is pervasive in our society and it places a heavy burden on individuals, families, communities and all health care and social service organization and system.
  • Trauma is a root cause of many of the most pressing social problems that impacts the well being of our communities.
  • Every person has a fundamental right to receive services that are trauma informed
  • Trauma is viewed as an injury and not as a “sickness”.
  • Symptoms are recognized as the creative and necessary adaptations to the effects of trauma.
  • Trauma can be a defining and organizing experience that can form the core of a person’s identity.
  • The universal precaution and assumption that every person seeking services has been affected by trauma.
  • Safety and trust are core principles on which every service and organization must be based.
  • Compassion and authentic, genuine and caring relationships are fundamental to supporting recovery from trauma.
  • Understanding the whole person and the context in which they live is essential to supporting recovery.
  • Emphasis should be placed on the interconnectedness of the body, mind and spirit.
  • A strength based approach that seeks to return, a sense of control and autonomy to the person affected by trauma is fundamental to supporting recovery.
  • Collaboration in the service relationship and between service providers facilitates recovery.
  • People affected by trauma are the experts on their own experience.
  • Mental health promotion is a critical component to a comprehensive strategy to trauma recovery and prevention.


Membership is open to anyone who has a vested interest in the issue of psychological trauma, is committed to promoting trauma informed care and practices and the guiding principles of the MTC. Members may sit as someone who is formally representing an organization as a member affiliated with but not formally representing an organization or as an individual with no affiliation to a public human services organization or department. There is no membership fee. Membership application forms are available below.

Download the membership application form here!

Membership Responsibilities

  • Actively participate and contribute to discussion, activities and planning initiatives of the Collaborative.
  • Participate on relevant sub-committees or working groups such as the MTIEC Advisory Committee.
  • Support and adhere to the stated principles of the MTC.


  • Meetings are held four times a year from September 1 to June 30th or as required
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