About the Forum

Thank you to those who participated in the Manitoba Forum 2014. We appreciate all the information and collaboration that made the Forum a success. We are currently collecting all the data and compiling a report which will be available in March 2015. We will be making the report available on this website. 

Organized by:

Manitoba Trauma Collaborative, Manitoba Trauma Information and Education Centre and the Department of Healthy Living

About the Forum:


  • To identify strategies that enhance service organizations and systems to establish trauma- informed practices as an integral component of service delivery across the life span.
  • To enhance service organizations and systems ability to support trauma-informed policies that are evidence and culturally based and grounded in research and good practice.
  • To strengthen the capacity of human service organizations and system to support compassionate and psychologically safe workplaces using trauma informed principles and practices.


The 2014 Manitoba Trauma Forum was a follow up to the very successful first forum on trauma that took place in Winnipeg in 2007. The 2007 forum resulted in many positive outcomes in Manitoba and  the creation of the Manitoba Trauma Information and Education Centre (MTIEC).  The MTIEC is the only resource centre of its kind in Canada devoted entirely to the promotion of trauma informed practices.

This second forum was a dynamic and interactive two-day event that will included both presentations and group discussions focusing on key questions related to the forum goals and objectives.  The forum  included two streams “Practice” and “Policy” and covered trauma across the life span.  Both streams were presented with opportunities for interaction with one another;  promoted a collaborative approach between policy makers and service providers.

As with the first forum this second forum  produced a report that summarizes key recommendations, identifies short, medium and long term goals.   This report will be used to inform the work and future direction of the Manitoba Trauma Collaborative, the Manitoba Trauma Information and Education Centre, and will be available to service organizations across Manitoba and provincial government departments for their use and guidance. The report will also be used to inform planning in support of the implementation of “Rising to the Challenge”, Manitoba’s mental health strategy.  The final report will also be available to other provincial, territorial and national organizations that have an interest or stake in the issue of trauma.


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